We are a proud family-owned company, founded in Florida in 2000, and operating in Lakeland since 2013.

Because we’re a family company, not a franchise, we can offer so much more!

  • Personalized service to suit your budget and time
  • Higher quality than a franchise, with lower cost
  • Strict quality control standards
  • Consistency time after time

Have you previously hired a cleaning service to help your household or business, only to find it causes more frustration than it’s worth?

Have you ever come home after a hard day’s work and discovered your expectations for a clean house have not been met?

  • Some areas cleaned on one visit and missed the next?
  • Simple, obvious areas not being cleaned properly?
  • Crumbs under the table, under the toaster?
  • Nobody answering the phone at the cleaning franchise office?
  • Your personal needs not being met?

You should never have to worry or check on your cleaning service – or worse – have to clean after they leave!

You may have asked yourself – why pay for a professional cleaning service, when you can clean it better yourself?

Imagine a pristine clean.  Imagine the places in your home that you don’t think of, but you do notice, getting really, truly clean.

  • wiping down trash cans/lids
  • oven door ledge
  • dusting perfume bottles/wiping off shampoo/lotion bottles
  • fingerprints around door knobs
  • toilet paper fixture
  • behind/under items on countertops
  • behind furniture
  • under beds
  • lampshades
  • marks on walls/cabinets
  • light fixtures
  • hose and vent behind dryer

It’s the little things that make a big difference. We offer an exceptional cleaning service in the Lakeland area – every time!

Quick Serv Cleaning Staff

Not all cleaning services are alike!

Stop looking. Stop stressing. Let Quick Serv help!

(863) 510-6707

Did you know?

The average person cleans for 12896 hours in their lifetime.

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Serving the Lakeland Area Since 2013

(863) 510-6707