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Don, Suzi, Natalie and Jennifer.

Exceptional Residential Cleaning

“They pay attention to the important details when cleaning my home and that’s priceless!” - Trudi Lithgow

Most Efficient Commercial Cleaning

“Exceptional Cleaning Company” – Chris Milliken

Reliable Real Estate Cleaning

Quick Serv Cleaning is the best! I count on this family to take care of my clients cleaning needs and they always deliver!”  – Cathy K

For the best cleaning service in the Lakeland area, call Quick Serv.

We are a family owned and operated small local business, in Florida since 2000.

Because we are a small family business, we specialize in happy clients. We offer what the big franchises can’t –

  • Honesty and respect – we treat your home with the utmost respect, as if it were our own.
  • Reliability – we open promptly at 8:00 AM and are easily reached by phone, text, email, or through our Facebook page.
  • Experience – we’ve cleaned over 10,000 homes!
  • Long-term friendly relationship – we require NO contracts, but we’re so sure you’ll love us, we guarantee our work – every time!
  • Flexible, personalized service – YOU choose the number of rooms you want cleaned, YOU choose the schedule – we’ll design a customized cleaning plan that fits your home and your lifestyle!
  • Fair price – we’ll work with you to give you only the cleaning services you want and need.

Did you know these facts about home cleaning?

  • 70% of dust particles are comprised of dead skin flakes.
  • The average person spends 87% of their time indoors, 69% in their own home.
  • If improper cleaning products are used, the air quality in a small space is 500% worse than outdoors.
  • Most kitchen sinks contain more germs than toilets.
  • 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, dust and mold allergies being the most common.
  • The average kitchen dishcloth contains over 4 billion living germs.
  • The average person cleans for 12896 hours in their lifetime.

What would you accomplish today if you didn’t have to clean the house?

In Lakeland, we offer cleaning services to fit your lifestyle, preferences and budget.

Let us take over the worry and stress of keeping your house clean. In the Lakeland area, there is no better choice for all your house cleaning service needs than Quick Serv.


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Serving the Lakeland Area Since 2013

(863) 510-6707