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When it comes to caring for our houseplants, most of us love our plants with a passion. We do too much to them and then they die as a result. If you need some ideas on what house plants to buy, take a look at Lowes selection for some ideas.

Tip number one is to take advantage of the season. Now what do we mean by that? Buy the right plants that are in season to get the best quality.

All plants evolve outdoors. And wherever they’re endemic to, as in where they evolved, that’s the condition they’re going to like most. So if you have a weak or sickly looking houseplant, what we would do, well unless there’s some super-obvious problem like root rot or a disease or a pest, if it’s just generally looking weak, something you can do when the weather’s good is just bring it outdoors for a week or so.

Quick Serv Cleaning House Plants 3

Give it that environmental stress and it’s going to perk back up. Leave them outside for about a week or so in the shaded area and they will absolutely love it. 

Tip number two is really four fast paced tips on what to do when you leave your plants for a few days. We know we’re probably not going on a ton of vacations, but hopefully we can do that again soon.

Here are some quick ones. One really easy thing to do is just top off the bottom of your saucer. So if you do this and go on vacation the water in the saucer will keep them hydrated while you are gone. You will get some wicking action coming up.

Now, is this the best solution? No, but if you’re gone for a couple days and the plant needs water, then this can be a great one to just give it a little bit of buffer. Another thing that we don’t see a lot of houseplant owners do, is use mulch. Now this is just some fiber, some plant fiber that’s covering the surface of the soil inside the cachepot. It cuts down on the evaporation loss of water quite a bit.

And so if you are on vacation, that’s just a great tip to have to water less and buffer that plant. 

Quick tip three, if you’re really worried about a particular plant,  you can grab one of those little water globes and just pop it in and then you have a little reservoir of water just in case something happens while you’re gone.

Vacation tip four is just to slightly move your plants out of the light and so everything slows down on them just a little bit. Remember less light, less photosynthesis, less water use, and it can kind of just give you a little bit of extra time. Especially if you’re gonna be gone for a longer period of time.

Our final simple care tip is if you feel like you have problems watering your houseplants.

Use a larger base just lightly filled with water, maybe about a half inch or so. Take the plant out of it’s cachepot very gently. So we have the initial nursery pot right here, which does have drainage holes. Now sometimes it can be hard to fully hydrate soil, especially if you have certain soil mixes.

Just let it sit just like this for five or ten minutes or so and water is going to wick all the way up and slowly we’ll hydrate the entire mix and you’ve given it a nice, perfect deep drink. 

We know those three tips were dead simple, but sometimes simple is best and those will increase the health of your plants.

Let’s imagine you are getting plants online. What do you do when you actually get the plant? When it actually comes to your door?

Well, the first thing to do is open it up immediately. Remember, they’ve been journeying in the cold, in the dark. The temperature is changing all the time. They’re getting jostled around.

You need to let them out and let them destress, right? Get them acclimated to your environment. The next thing to do is nothing, so don’t re-pot it right away. Don’t fertilize it right away. Oftentimes you don’t even need to water right away.

You don’t want to move them directly into the optimal conditions because then they’re going from zero to a hundred. It’s kind of like hardening off a seedling outdoors.

You don’t go start your seed indoors and then just put it right outside. You have to acclimate it and that’s actually a seven day process. 

We hope you find these tips helpful and good luck in the garden and keep on growing.

Quick Serv Cleaning House Plants

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