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This article explains how to clean your oven. Regular cleaning can improve the efficiency of your oven and ultimately extend the life of your appliance.

If you’ve neglected your oven and need to wipe away your kitchen’s dirty little secret fast, this is how to do it. It’s a simple process, but also easy. Follow these eight steps for giving your oven some overdue love. 

Step One – Gather what you’ll need. You’re going to need latex gloves, oven cleaner found in most grocery stores, a bucket, non-abrasive scrubbing pads, old clean rags and some newspaper. We recommend Easyoff or Carbona oven cleaners as the best options for both value and efficiency.

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Step Two – Prep the area. Cleaning your oven is easier than you think. Lay down the newspapers to protect your floor from falling filth as you clean. If you can’t find a newspaper, use old towels you don’t mind ruining.

Step Three – Remove the racks. Take out the oven racks. 

Step Four – Cover the oven with the cleaner. While wearing the gloves, spray a liberal amount of the cleaner inside the oven. There are other so-called natural methods but for caked on crud, you are going to have to use chemicals. Make sure you avoid spraying the burners and electrical elements. 

Step Five – Hurry up and wait. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how long the cleaning solution should sit. That could be anywhere  from five minutes to a half-hour for a normal amount of build-up. 

Step Six – Start scrubbing! Now it is time to start scrubbing away the grease and grime. By using non-abrasive scrubbing pads, your oven’s interior coating will not get scratched.

Step Seven – Wipe it all away using a towel. You can toss the soiled rags and newspapers into the bucket as you work your way through the oven.

Finally Step Eight – Now back to the oven racks. Repeat the same steps for the oven racks and put them back once done. 

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It’s pretty simple and not very hard to do. The amount of scrubbing and elbow grease depends on how much build up you have, but once you have it all cleaned and looking brand new, your oven’s self cleaning system will be sufficient from time to time in the future.

Don’t feel like getting into a project like this? Contact QuickServ Cleaning today and let us take care of it for you.

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